Dynamic Co. offers a wide variety of underwater services using ground-breaking technological equipment and maintaining all the necessary safety regulations. We continually strive to maintain our high standards of service and our 100% safety record.

Dynamic Co. Underwater Welding

Our wet welding team is composed by qualified welder divers, who can operate in all fields of underwater engineering and have extensive knowledge in the oil and gas, shipping, marine and civil engineering industries. Our underwater experts can also perform dry underwater welding, when high quality welds are required because of the increased control over conditions which can be exerted.

Dynamic Co. Underwater Welding Services include:

  • Dry weld permanent repair of shell plating and appendages
  • Dry weld installation and replacement of hull apertures (discharges, sea chests)
  • Wet weld temporary and permanent repairs
  • Anode installation

Dynamic Co. Underwater Seal Replacement

Dynamic Co. excels in all fields of Underwater Services, including underwater seal replacements. Our expert diver technicians can perform virtually any kind of seal replacement project, from removal or installation of spacer rings and bonding new seal rings to complete seal replacements at anchor or during cargo handling operations without disturbing with the vessel or facility’s schedule.

Our Seal Replacement & Repair Services include:

  • Stabilizers (fin shaft and crux seal replacements)
  • Wet repair and replacement of face
  • Stern tube sealing/ Bow/Stern thrusters
  • Dry repair and replacement of lip seals and seal ring bonding
  • Controlled pitch blade palm seal replacement

Dynamic Co. Underwater Maintenance Inspection

Expanding our expertise in underwater services, we have formed a full service underwater marine and industrial maintenance team providing you with a broad spectrum of underwater maintenance services including:

  • Hull cleaning with a cost effective multi-brush system
  • General inspection of hull and appendages
  • Propeller polishing with surface multi-stage micro-polishing techniques, video or camera inspection of propeller before and after polishing and written report with photographs before and after polishing
  • Non-destructive testing methods by utilizing ultra thick measurement, magnetic particle for crack detection and ultrasonic shear wave for weld damage detection.

Dynamic Co. Underwater Propeller Repairs

Our expert propeller repair team can undertake propeller repairs in the water without the need for a vessel haul-out.

Dynamic Co. technicians are qualified to perform assessment of propeller condition and to propose to you the best repair solution to maximize propulsive efficiency.

Dynamic Co. provides a full propeller repair service from the beginning till the end by removing the propellers, transferring them to a repair station, repairing them and reinstalling them to the facility.
Our underwater propeller repair services include:

  • Rectification of engine overload cause by propeller
  • Edge and contour modification
  • Large bend straightening
  • Crack repairs
  • Pitch and camber alterations
  • Diameter and blade area reduction
  • Damaged blade parts removal
  • Hydrodynamic and static balancing
  • Straightening large bends

Dynamic Co. Underwater Pipeline Repair

Dynamic Co. specialises in underwater pipeline repair services of fixed and floating platforms, sub-sea pipelines and offshore structures.

Our underwater pipeline services include:

  • Pipeline removal
  • Pipeline placement (sectional or whole)
  • Pipeline lowering
  • Clamp installation
  • Leak detection
  • Hydroblasting surface preparation
  • Underwater pipeline coating
  • Wet or dry welding pipeline repair

Dynamic Co. Underwater Pipeline Construction

Our pipeline construction services include dredging, installation and setup of underwater pipelines by highly trained, hard working, certified workforce. Our areas of experience and expertise include the Oil and Gas Industry and specifically, nuclear station intakes, hydro power stations, power plant intakes and outfalls, anode installations and many more.

Dynamic Co. Underwater Pipeline Inspection

In Dynamic Co. we know that the number one rule in running a business cost efficiently is to act proactively. Therefore, we believe that underwater pipeline inspections should be executed in perfection by qualified inspection teams with many years of experience inspecting sub-sea structures and machinery.

Our pipeline Inspection Services are carried out by CSU qualified personnel and include:

  • Underwater Still and Video Documentation
  • Pipeline depth-of-cover information
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage
  • External inspection for non-piggable lines
  • Eddy current
  • Internal Rotational Inspection System