Dynamic Co. General Ship Repairs offers complete and updated tank coating services supported by a dedicated technical team trained to operate exceptionally, however demanding your project is.

Our company’s 20 year experience in tank coating has established us as a leader in this field on both internal and external coating areas.

Our high performing coating systems are formulated to protect virtually every inch of your ship. From decks and cabins to hulls, to ballast tanks, Dynamic’s coating methods are ideal for providing you with uncompromising performance in the most challenging and extreme environments.

Why choose Dynamic Co. for your vessel’s coating needs?

The proper selection of coating method is of crucial importance. Improper tank coating can result in costly, repetitive and time-consuming maintenance. This fact – in addition to the continuously growing competitive market – further pressures the ship operators to make the right maintenance choices and manage to stand out from the “competitor’s crowd”.

Dynamic Co. makes sure to meet your coating needs, provide you with the most cost effective and appropriate coating method and carry it out with dedication, precision and professionalism in every little detail.

Our coating services include the following key vessel areas.

Double hull tanks/Underwater Hall

Our coating methods provide optimum antifouling and foul release coating systems for hull and underwater hull coating in order to maintain a vessel’s optimum fuel efficiency.

Deck, Superstructures, Hatch Covers

Dynamic Co. can offer you a wide variety of deck, superstructure and hatch cover anticorrosive and abrasion resistance coating methods that are ideal for the vessel’s control of on board maintenance costs as well as its overall appearance.

As with other areas of the vessel, external decks and hatch covers
require coatings specifically designed to be compatible with surface preparation standards.

Engine Rooms and Cargo Holds

Cargo handling and transfer produce significant damage to cargo holds coating, especially if the coating method selected is not covering the advanced coating requirements of this area in the vessel. The impeccable condition of cargo holds is paramount. A wrong selection of cargo hold coating can significantly reduce the cargo’s carrying and trading potential.

Dynamic Co. can estimate, select and apply the best cargo hold coating method for your vessels’ specific requirements.

Water Ballast Tanks Coating

Key advantages of Dynamic’s coating methods

  • Abrasion resistance with control of surface preparation costs.
  • Exceptional coating systems offering excellent long term corrosion protection.
  • Control of maintenance costs/easier maintenance.
  • Corrosion and in-service damage control.
  • Fuel efficiency control.
  • Health and safety for the applicator.
  • Solvent emissions control.
  • No abrasive contamination or disposal costs.