What is the Hydroblasting Method?

Hydroblasting or Water blasting is a cleaning method that utilizes a highly pressured stream of water in order to remove old paint, chemicals, or build-up without damaging the original surface.
Hydroblasting is ideal for cleaning internal and external surfaces because it allows water stream penetration into otherwise inaccessible or difficult to reach places using other methods.
Among the advantages of hydroblasting is the ability to reduce iodates up to 30mg/2m as well as to recapture and reuse the water, reducing waste and the impact on the environment.

Why choose Dynamic Co Hydroblasting?

Dynamic Co. uses high-end hydroblasting methods, top-of-the-line hydroblasting machinery and perfectly trained operators to ensure the most effective application of hydroblasting methods to your specific projects and needs.
The results of hydroblasting methods can vary according to the ways the method is applied, the company’s operators and overall know-how and experience. In simple words, when it comes to your vessel’s hydroblasting, it is of crucial importance to choose “the right man for the job”.

Dynamic Co can guarantee you optimal results of hydroblasting.

Our guarantee is our

  • Optimum and continuously updated equipment
  • Experienced and trained operators for expert hydroblasting equipment/machinery handling
  • The most updated hydroblasting techniques
  • Adherence to German Standards STG NORMA 2222

Our company’s utilizes cutting-edge hydroblasting methods:

  • Low Pressure Water Washing 0-68bar
  • High Pressure Water Washing 68-680bar
  • Low Pressure operating pressure less than 680 bar – 1000 bar
  • High Pressure operating at pressures between 680 bar – 1, 700 bar
  • Ultra High Pressure operating at pressures above 1, 700 bar – 2,000/2,500  bar

Dynamic Co. selects hydroblasting techniques can be applied to a wide variety of coated steel surfaces including the following:

  • Multilayered systems with intercoat flaking and underrust
  • Degraded painting systems applied over steels
  • Paints applied over blast cleaned surface
  • Paints almost intact
  • Painting systems applied over mill-scale bearing steel
  • Painting systems that are completely blistered, weathered or stained
  • Shop primers with mechanical damage and white rust

Dynamic Co makes sure that your project is carried out perfectly from the beginning to the end when applying our hydroblasting methods.

  • We utilize the most effective surface preparation methods

In addition to high speed water jet to remove paint as well as a robotic crawler to scan the jet along the coated structure, Dynamic Co. utilises high intensity ultrasound to slacken the paint just ahead the water jet. This ensures an almost perfect application of our hydroblasting technique for the removal of paint. The application of this ultrasonic system prior to hydroblasting, uses a combination of heating and mechanical stresses that induce further loosening of the coatings.

  • We make sure our hydroblasting equipment are perfectly preserved, continuously updated and optimally handled for a perfect outcome
  • We identify all types of activities involved in the project (e.g. paint removal, storage of chemicals, fuels and paints etc)
  • We identify all sources of waste: chemicals and their packaging, dust, abrasive and its packaging, dry removed paint, blasting water, fuel, wet paints etc)
  • We estimate the quantities of waste before the initiation of each project
  • We examine the right way of handling waste and minimizing pollution risks