Dynamic Co. has been providing for more than 20 years services in project management, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of piping systems for the Oil & Gas Industry, in onshore Pipelines and Facilities Projects etc.

Dynamic Co. pipe work division includes a rich variety of material and services, such as

  • Installation of Pipe work
  • Removal of disused or redundant  pipework and steelwork
  • On site or workshop pipework, repairs, alterations and new projects
  • Removal and installation of & Water Softeners, Cooling Towers, Chillers
  • Modifications on existing plant/factory pipework and on existing projects
  • Shutdown planning
  • Supply of pre-fabricated pipe systems based on the client’s drawings
  • Installation and/or replacement of valves
  • Pipe systems maintenance

Dynamic Co. Construction of Piping Systems

Dynamic Co. can provide custom fabrication of pipe and pipe assemblies with just about any metal your project requires, from carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy and other specialty metals and material.

Dynamic Co. has a team of exceptional management professionals with experience in virtually every field of piping systems’ construction. Our workforce is comprised by highly skilled fabricators, experienced welders that are qualified to industry requirements and weld specifications.

Dynamic Co.’s pipe construction includes services such as:

  • Compressor and pumping stations
  • Scraper traps and block valves
  • Water, oil and gas pipelines
  • Flow-lines and related facilities

Dynamic Co. Piping & Pipe Laying

Dynamic Co. has a strong reputation as a primary installer of steam systems and utility piping. For more than two decades we have provided gainful, high quality pipe installation services across a range of industries and project types – including power, process, and specialty piping. We install piping on site and are committed to always meet your requirements for quality, safety, timely execution.
Our people are pipe fitters, certified welders and millwrights, trained at Material Safety Data Sheets, OSHA and all the required safety regulations.

We can undertake the entire installation life-cycle including:

  • Demolition and removal of old pipe
  • Quality installation and on-site fabrication of alloy, stainless steel, carbon,  plastic pipe etc.
  • Value engineering
  • On-site non-destructive examination

Dynamic Co. Repair of Industrial Piping Systems

You can be sure that Dynamic Co. will find a repair solution for your industrial piping system, regardless of shape and size. Each and every one of our repair proposals are designed to provide the most cost effective, timely , high quality and maintenance friendly solution to meet the client’s demand.

Our repair system’s primary features include

  • Hindering/preventing corrosion
  • Time, labour and equipment cost minimising system
  • Extending the service life of piping systems and infrastructures
  • Reducing or eliminating downtime
  • Improving safety
  • Provision/repair/piling of all pipe sizes
  • Absence of VOCs
  • Wrapping while the line is functioning
  • Absence of line evacuation, welding of pipe, necessity to cut the pipe
  • Applicable to chemical, hot and volatile systems
  • DOT and ASME compliant

Our repair services include:

  • Leak Sealing Services, applied to: Valve Packing Leaks, Flange Leak Repair, Piping system leaks
  • Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Services applied to: Hot Tap, Stock fitting, pipe freezing, line stop
  • Composite Wrap Services utilized for: Corroded repairs, dented repairs, cracked repairs, underwater repairs
  • Field Machining Services: Flange Facing, Pipe Cutting/Beveling, Boring, Milling, Shaft and Journal Turning
  • Concrete Restoration Services
  • Chemical and Refining
  • Bolt Tensioning Services