Dynamic Co. has a separate Building Maintenance Services Division, which will proceed to a careful evaluation of you needs and will provide you with the most effective building maintenance proposal.

Planned maintenance:

We are very well aware of the fact that planned maintenance contributes to the prevention of unexpected reactive maintenance costs. Our maintenance services are provided to you by professional maintenance personnel, which is responsible for updating building records so the building can be kept in a functional and well-run state.


Our inspections range from a simple visual inspection to a fully detailed, intrusive survey of the building and all the structural members associated to it.


Our sophisticated cleaning methods include all finishes and material (glass, aluminium, granite stainless steel, stone etc). Also, our maintenance professionals always make sure to apply the appropriate to each material and surface cleaning method and product.

Dynamic Co.’s ultimate goal is to keep your facilities in excellent condition so your business can run smoothly at all times.