STRINTZIS FERRIES Shipping Company was founded in January 2003 by people with a profound and personal knowledge of shipping and seamanship.

Although, officially, the activation of STRINTZIS FERRIES in coastal shipping begins with the launching of the F/B EPTANISOS to the Kyllini – Cephalonia line in August 2003, in essence the Strintzis Family has shown a long and particularly successful course in passenger shipping dating back to the mid 19thcentury, that is for a period of over 150 years.

Blue Star Ferries began operations in 1965 as Strintzis Lines. The company was rebranded as Blue Star Ferries in 2000 followinG ATTICA ENTERPRISES’ acquisition of a 48% stake in the company.

Vessel Year Work
F/B Blue Sky 2003 Ballast Tank Cleaning
F/B Kefalonia Coatings
F/B Superferry II 2003 Coatings