Neorion is one of the oldest GREEK heavy industries, located in ERMOUPOLIS on the Greek island of SYROS Today, it is one of the few remaining major industrial corporations in that picturesque and nostalgic island town that used to be the industrial and commercial heart of Greece, before being eclipsed by PIRAEUS in the late 19th century.

Neorion roots go back to a traditional shipyard on that island, known for the construction of ships and boats for use during the Greek revolution of the 1820s, as well as design and building of various types of ships for the new Greek kingdom in the decades that followed. The company that survives to date was officially founded in 1861 to technically support the “Greek Steamship Company”, initially employing, in addition to Greek technical staff, several mechanics from W. Europe (who, undoubtedly, contributed to the company know-how).

Vessel Year Work
M/V Alisia 2004 Blasting
M/V Orsula 2006 Tank Coating