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On the right side: Chemical tank after painting

Oil Rig after various special Paintings

Tank coating

High pressure blasting 1000 bar

Pipe lines and gas tanks

Oil well with storage tanks after painting

Painting of Bridge construction

Blue Star 1 after various repairs in NEORION Syros shipyard


Dynamic Co. cherry pickers

Green renewable energy with generator turbines

Pipes transporting oil to storage tanks


Large fuel storage tanks

Blue Star Ferry - Drydock

Ultra high pressure water blasting 2.500 bar

Hosing down 200 bar

Blue Star Diagoras after various repairs in Piraeus

Storage tank before maintenance

Fuel tank among maintenance

Technical Advisor & Project Manager

Tanker vessel

High pressure water blasting

Bottom of vessel after grit blasting

Blasting of paint for surface preparation

Abrasive blasting of metal structures

Washing of building

Painting of steel building

Navy vessel after superstructure painting

Tankers near the station for oil

Fuel tanks


Petrochemical industrial plant

VLCC after very serious repairs

Painting of cruise vessel after low pressure washing

Fertilizer factory

Final preparations before undocking

Sand blasting of hull

Sand blasting of container ship

Blue Star Diagoras after external Low pressure washing & Painting

Oil & Gas supertanker after various repairs

Ships aft area after painting and drafts marking

Crude oil tanker after various repairs on deck pipes

Industrial metal fuel tanks

Painting of Industrial warehouse

Welding works

Inspection of hull

Completed hull of vessel in dry dock

Superfast Ferries IX after various repairs and reconditionin

Submarine navy

High pressure blasting 1600 bar

Grit blasting of metal structures

Sandblaster on duty

Ship in dry dock

115.00 tone oil tanker moored offshore

Spot grit blasting

Korean shipyard

Hull painting

What is Water Jet Cutting?

Water Jet Cutting is a non-traditional machining process, in which the mechanical energy of water is used to achieve material removal, cutting or other machining. Water is pumped at a sufficiently high pressure [200-400 MPa (2000-4000 bar)] using intensifier technology. When water at such pressure is issued through a suitable orifice, the potential energy of water is converted into kinetic energy, yielding a high velocity jet (1000 m/s). Such high velocity water jet can machine very thin sheets/foils of aluminium, leather, textile, frozen food etc.

Dynamic Co. uses Water Jet Cutting technology to cut out thin or complex shapes with accuracy providing you cutting-edge technology services that would be impossible by using other conventional methods more suited for less detailed work. Water Jet Cutting has given us the opportunity to satisfy any cutting demand your project might necessitate. In other words, we can meet any of our clients’ “cutting challenges” including steel, concrete, glass, bronze, Stone, cast iron, ceramic, wood, cobalt and many more.

Dynamic Co. can apply this pioneering technique for

  • Cutting Tank Floors without causing damage to sub-bases, a vital part on floating roof tanks in order to be able to sustain the roof weight.
  • Cutting into Tanks and Vessels of explosive settings, such as Catalyst Regeneration Reactor Head removal in Oil Refineries, Underwater Cutting in Radioactive Environments, Jet Fuel Lines at Airports, Gas Storage Cylinders etc.
  • Pipe Cutting, such as cases of angled cutting requirement for reconnections with minimal loss of the original material
  • Internal Cutting of Steel Piles avoiding the need for costly underwater excavations around the circumference of the pile
  • Reinforced Concrete Piles