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Tanker vessel

Blue Star 1 after various repairs in NEORION Syros shipyard

Spot grit blasting

Blue Star Ferry - Drydock

Pipes transporting oil to storage tanks

Tankers near the station for oil

Bottom of vessel after grit blasting

115.00 tone oil tanker moored offshore

Oil & Gas supertanker after various repairs

Submarine navy

Painting of Bridge construction

Hull painting

Welding works

Fertilizer factory

Dynamic Co. cherry pickers

Fuel tank among maintenance

Ultra high pressure water blasting 2.500 bar

Petrochemical industrial plant

Oil Rig after various special Paintings

Large fuel storage tanks

Ship in dry dock

Blasting of paint for surface preparation

Sand blasting of container ship

Industrial metal fuel tanks

Crude oil tanker after various repairs on deck pipes

Sand blasting of hull

Completed hull of vessel in dry dock

High pressure blasting 1000 bar


Final preparations before undocking

High pressure water blasting

Hosing down 200 bar

Green renewable energy with generator turbines

Blue Star Diagoras after external Low pressure washing & Painting

High pressure blasting 1600 bar


Superfast Ferries IX after various repairs and reconditionin


Pipe lines and gas tanks

Blue Star Diagoras after various repairs in Piraeus

Storage tank before maintenance

VLCC after very serious repairs

Oil well with storage tanks after painting

Korean shipyard

Sandblaster on duty

Navy vessel after superstructure painting

Washing of building

Painting of cruise vessel after low pressure washing

Grit blasting of metal structures

Inspection of hull

Painting of Industrial warehouse

Technical Advisor & Project Manager

Tank coating

Abrasive blasting of metal structures

On the right side: Chemical tank after painting

Painting of steel building

Fuel tanks

Ships aft area after painting and drafts marking

About Dynamic Co. General Ships & Heavy Industries Repairs

Certificate For more than 20 years, Dynamic's dedicated team has been providing worldwide superior quality Marine and Industrial services with unprecedented professionalism. After years of ceaseless commitment and continuous development, we can proudly say that all the projects we have undertaken are united by one common characteristic: absolute excellence.

It is simple. We are truly committed to our work.

It is important to us to make sure we always provide you with innovative solutions, expert project management, cost-effective and timely execution, dependable personnel. It is important to you to make the right choice. In this sector of business, wrong choices have a high price. We know that you need a company that ensures everything runs smoothly, as scheduled, on time. A company that will go "above and beyond" for your needs; a company like Dynamic Co.

ABS Quality Evaluations Certificate 49354 for Dynamic Co ABS Quality Evaluations Certificate 49355 for Dynamic Co

Our people

Dynamic Co. is very selective when recruiting its workforce. Our extensive experience in human resources has led us to build up a labor network that is skilled, reliable and cost efficient. Our team comprises:

  • Management professionals with broad experience in marine and industrial services. (refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants etc.)
  • Professional Engineers and Technical staff with engineering backgrounds.
  • Career maintenance workers specialized in preventive maintenance.
  • Skilled work crews for construction with highly competitive hourly rates, administrative costs and other overhead expenses.
  • Substantial network of trained, qualified labour resources.
  • The best craftsmen in the marine and industrial field.

Latest News

F/B Blue Star Delos

Dry-docking, Hull treatment, Hydro-blasting of all surfaces and application of coatings.

F/B Superfast XI

High pressure washing and coating of external surfaces. Chemical cleaning of Engine room’s bilges.

F/B Mirtidiotissa

Dry-docking, Hull treatment, Hydro-blasting of all surfaces and application of coatings.

F/B Diagoras

Ultra high pressure blasting 2.500 Bar on decks for the removal of old insulation and application of new layers.

M/T Kythira Warrior

De-rusting through the application of hydro-blasting on the main deck’s pipelines and application of protective coatings.

M/Y Bella Vida

Appplicationg of Ultra high pressure blasting and Grit-blasting on external surfaces of the yacht.

F/B Nissos Samos

Dry-docking, Hull treatment, Hydro-blasting of all surfaces and application of coatings. Major repairs of Fuel Tanks, Void spaces, Fresh water tanks, Garages, deck 7,8,9,10, Funnel internally & externally. Surface preparation with Grit-blasting and Hydro-blasting up to 2.500 Bar. Application of protective coatings to all surfaces externally & internally approximately 100.000 square meters.

Motor Oil

High pressure blasting & application of protective coatings of 2 Funnels F-7601 and F-7101.

M/Y O’Pari II

Grit-blasting S.A. 2,5 of WBTs, FWTs, FUEL tanks, sewage TANKS, HULL surfaces & superstructures.

M/Y O’Mega

Grit-blasting & coating application of all surfaces of the yacht.


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